“Our service focusses on solving your logistical challenges.“


We at PMP Management GmbH work with our staff to significantly improve business processes. We act as a partner with our clients’ companies and earn our fee by improving cost structures to sustainably improve our customers’ competitiveness. This vision is supported by our knowledge, our individual advising, technical, and methodological expertise, and our experience.


Our goals are dictated by our customers’ challenges. This means that we offer customized services that allow us to optimize branch-specific business models and design the underlying processes more effectively and efficiently. We optimize the areas of purchasing, production, sales, quality management and maintenance by:

  • reducing stock levels by up to 30%
  • reducing cycle time by up to 20%
  • increasing the accessibility of existing capacity, up to 35%
  • restructuring logistical processes based on strategic and operational objectives


Our experts at PMP are neutral, unrestricted consultants and managers focusing on the interests of our customers. We make “turnarounds” happen by identifying and analyzing errors in logistical processes. We introduce appropriate measures and support their implementation at all levels of the organization, thus optimizing the processes for ideal savings.

In addition, as an employer and entrepreneur we believe we are responsible for our employees. Supporting young talent is very important to us, especially at the start of a career. We provide a good basis for professional development and sponsor self-improvement programs.


Our customer base comes from the following industries:

  • All
  • Automotive industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Food industry
  • Logistics service industry
  • Medical technology
  • Supplier industry