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„The economic benefits of our services are based on the right strategy for mid- and long-term optimizing of the profit situation.“

  • Material flow design
  • Industrial design
  • Flow and process optimization
  • Work safety
  • Material supply and provision
  • Quality management
  • Operational supply chain management

Material flow design

Minimize waste by eliminating Non-Value-Adding activities

Through our integrated approach, we identify optimization potential in both direct and indirect areas of the material flow. It is important to minimize waste and reduce the proportion of the non-value-adding activities in the process chain. This is done by analyzing and identifying bottlenecks and weaknesses as well as eliminating disrupting factors, always according to your plans for growth, so that your company processes can be laid out efficiently and economically over the long term.

Manufacturing companies from different sectors can benefit from the following effects:

  • Increased availability in an economic boom results in additional capacity, which can be used to introduce new products and create improved competitiveness
  • Reducing costs in production and logistics by minimizing overtime, which can be achieved through optimizing material handling and quality assurance
  • Reducing capital commitment costs through inventory optimization with stable availability.

Industry design

Process thinking starts with planning

Without systematic planning, investments in processes as well as in new facilities result in a layout with waste and prevents it from effective usage. To ensure flexible, safe and stable capacities and processes for the future, it is important to consider forecasts and growth rates during dimensioning and ordering in the production halls

Through established knowledge and experience, our partner, Kahler Architects, provides efficient and results-oriented planning based on your requirements.

Kahler Architects offer competent and comprehensive services in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive and efficient master and factory structure planning
  • Creation of efficient manufacturing and assembly processes
  • Optimization of material flows and internal logistics processes
  • Innovative concepts for machines, workstations, warehouse and conveyor technology
  • Optimized material flow design
  • Processes optimization through virtual simulation
  • Digital factory planning

Structure and process optimization

Being dynamic through flexibility, efficiency, and “out-of-the-box” thinking

Maximum availability and delivery can only be achieved through minimal use of resources and capacity. By improvements starting at the development phase and carried into serial production, the basis for sustainable customer success throughout the value chain can be achieved. Before this background, we are active in developing appropriate solutions.

Besides the optimization of processes and material allocation, “out-of-the-box” thinking is needed, allowing our team to focus on feasibility, effectiveness, and adaptability.

Thus, we are able to create flexibility for our customers, allowing the operational sequences and processes to be quickly adapted to economic or other situations at an ideal cost.

Through the commitment of our team in your company, we could:

  • guide teams regarding their responsibility for process design and optimization as well as trainings
  • define processes and interfaces at both plant and company levels
  • create meaningful data analysis
  • define and realize cost savings potential
  • optimize operational sequences and manufacturing processes

Occupational Safety

A safe work environment supports a healthy corporate culture

Quality and optimal processes are closely related to occupational safety. Future-driven companies must avoid accidents and employee sick days, because these negatively affect the company’s efficiency and reputation. To avoid this, our safety engineers develop necessary safety measures to ensure health and safety for our customers.

In doing so, we make sure to fulfil statutory regulations as well as company goals and situations. We keep track of regularly changing stipulations and provisions and integrate these into your existing workflow, which constantly reduces direct and indirect costs due to accidents.

To further enhance your company’s reputation and employee satisfaction, it is important to set up a safety management system and certification (e.g., OHSAS 18001). Integrating a safety management system into existing structures and processes leads to a healthy corporate culture, providing the company with sustainable internal and external benefits.

In this business unit, the following tasks were carried out for different companies:

  • Appointing specialists for occupational safety (exclusively health and safety engineers)
  • Analyzing processes and structures in terms of work safety
  • Inspecting workplaces and deriving improvement actions
  • Creating risk assessments
  • Analyzing accidents and deriving preventive actions
  • Setting up a safety management system

Material supply and allocation

Methodological expertise helps you use growth potential.

In an ideal material supply environment, all physical, administrative and management processes – starting at the flow of goods from supplier to manufacturer to customer – must be effectively and flexibly coordinated. Not only the high cost portion of the material supply attests to its economic importance – above all, its impact on the adherence to deadlines (and thus directly on customer satisfaction) clearly demonstrates its importance for a company’s operating efficiency.

Through technical know-how and years of professional experience in designing and restructuring, our team is able to create, integrate and check solutions which lead to a use of available growth potential.

The implementation of stable lean thinking by our team results in:

  • Avoiding unnecessary buffer areas and inventory
  • Creating space potential for production
  • Optimizing cycle time
  • Reducing WIP

The following actions were conducted successfully:

  • Analysis of material supply concepts and their appropriate documentation
  • Development of industry-specific solutions (in-/outsourcing, make or buy, etc.)
  • Development of action plans for implementation
  • Analysis and documentation of manufacturing processes of workstations and their structure
  • Methodological analysis of the processes (REFA, MTM, etc.)
  • Restructuring and design of the structures and/or processes
  • Preparation of training materials and training of employees

Quality management

Consistent improvement of processes helps fulfill customers’ needs.

Quality management to us means a consistent focus on meeting customers’ needs and continuously improving processes to increase overall quality. Our teams use suitable methods to make sure the quality or your products and services remains stable throughout the value chain. If we discover quality defects, we define immediate countermeasures, implement them, and strictly follow up to achieve sustainable success.

It has been proven successful to establish and certify a quality management system based on ISO / TS 16949 or DIN EN ISO 9001. This allows you to show your customers consistent focus on quality throughout the value chain.

The following key points have been proven in our projects:

  • Quality improvement by use of methods to analyze errors and consistent implementation of corrective actions
  • Consistent monitoring and follow-up of countermeasures regarding quality problems throughout the value chain
  • Monitoring of supplier quality, auditing of suppliers and development of A-suppliers
  • Implementation of a quality management system (ISO / TS 16949, DIN EN ISO 9001) with focus on customers’ operational targets and customer benefits
  • Development of quality-related KPIs

Operational Supply Chain Management

Continuous improvement starting from the place of added value

Our operative work in supply change management aims for high availability and adherence to schedules while using the least possible resources and capacity. We use proven concepts to develop and implement sustainable strategies for production, warehousing, purchasing and sales processes and create a strong basis to stabilize the supply chain for the long term.

We enable all types of companies to improve their performance by using less resources, which maximizes the supply chain’s performance.

Both international and medium-sized companies benefit from the services provided by our experienced team. Here are some examples of our proven results.

  • Optimizing complex supply chain processes for “just in time” and sequence productions
  • Reducing stock up to 30%
  • Optimizing and restructuring supplier networks
  • Reducing lead times by up to 20%
  • Increasing availability up to 35%
  • Stabilizing supply chains for new products and start-up of new production sites
  • Dynamic optimization of transport and warehouse processes
  • Restructuring strategic and operational logistics processes
  • Moderation and management of lean management projects, CIP workshops and compact week